Lavender Crochet Cardigan!

I use to love rainy winter days when the weathet itself makes you stay in the house and I have this warm feeling of staying home.

It was such a rainy day that I begun crocheting my fisrt Spring Lavender Cardigan!

Rainy days make me think of the past ....
I used to go out on evenings when I was younger-Iam 56 now- and I really enjoyed staying out until late night in live music clubs and I wanted to do this every Saturday night . And it was a so full  of things period in my life, too much work, my two children that I had to arrange them to stay with my mom so I and my husband go out.....

I did a lot of journeys back then , professional journeys, in Germany where the biggest fabric fair Interstoff in Frankfurt was taking place . We had, my husband and I, a childrenwear company and we  visited the fair to choose fabrics for the new clothes collection twice a year We visited other countries  Italy , the capital of fashion to see fabrics,Spain, Holland  for  fashion shows and to get ideas for  my new collection.

A life full of things, good things , passion, fatigue .... a happy life!

All comes to an end and I lived in a great intensity so now I enjoy every minute I dont have to go our of my house , every morning. It is a great time for me to be able to drink my morning coffee alone and in quiet!
Life is never without problems, nothing is perfect and nothing is so bud so I choose to feel happy. When I catch my self feeling depressed by anything, by something small that looks big in my mind, I manage to think good things.

Good thing number 1:I will sit in my desk to write down a PDF pattern for my Esty shop, a new  big love for me! 
 Good thing number 2: I dont have a head ache- I suffer of migranes- so its great, I really appreciate every moment I am not in any kind of pain 
Good thind number 3: I am  thinking that when notning really serious happens in my life but just common things as financial thoughts, what about the future ?....will I be able to.......what about my children, their work ?......what about my parents , their health?......sooooo many thoughts and questions ! I make them  dissapear!
I can find a lot a good things more......

And work for things we love is great !!
Crocheting is a work , all kinds of hobbies that keep our mind and hands busy its work and work is the most healthy thing in life !

What should I crochet for my next project?, what colour should I choose in this soft cotton yarn? Will the weather be sunny tomorrow so I can make a video? How long I should make my pink cardigan....and I must find a stitch for a tunic a white  summer swimsuit cover up.  These are the happy small problems and questions to solve in my day!

And how I will write in proper english on my blog? - With much effort, I answer to my self and I am lost on the internet trying to write a correct post.....but I love it and I am writing down just now my english thoughts!

I am showing you the eggs we use to dye on Easter, we make them red but my daughter prefers to dye with natural ingredients as onion flushes and beetroots so they are not really red, they are  natural brown .The tradition is to hold an egg in your hand and clink ones egg to the others and see which is the best egg, which will remain unpolished.

You can find my Lavender Cardigan on my you tube channel Merry Mary Stories

and the PDF pattern on my Etsy shop merrymarystories
Also in Raverly here

You can use Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK a very soft yarn ideal for crochet garments.or Schachenmayr Catania a high quality 100% cotton yarn perfect for summer and the rest of the year projects as well.

I love reading your comments and answering and  helping in anyway1

Be happy and crochet!

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