Aqua Crochet Shrug!! Perfect summer coverup!!

Hi friends!! Iam Mary of MerryMaryStories!

I am sharing here my new summer shrug in this dream water colour and the name aqua came in my mind. It  is an ancient latin name and italian also for ....water....and this is the water color shrug!!

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 Cotton yarn or other worsted weight yarn

You may use 22-25 skeins of 
Schachenmayr Catania color 00397 Tuerkis

50g  125m/137yds

or  10-12 skeins of   ALIZE Cotton Baby Soft 
100gr =270m=295yds

Crochet Hook
G-6 US (4mm)

Tapestry needle

Sizes: Adult Small( Medium, Large. XLarge )

Abbreviations in US terms:
YO=yarn over
Sl st=slip stitch
Sc=single crochet 
Hdc=half double crochet
Dc=double crochet 

Special sts
To make the side saddle stitch we crochet a dc4tog cluster
Dc4tog cluster= double crochet 4 together cluster= YO, insert hook in indicated loop, YO and pull up a loop, Yo and pull through 2 loops on hook x3 times more ( in same loop), now you have 5 loops on hook, YO and pull through all 5 loops on hook, chain 1 to secure. 

3 side saddle sts= 3,14inches (8 cm)  width
5 rows of pattern=1,80 inches ( 4,5 cm )

SIZE SMALL (images size)
Width of rectangle 26,77 inches (68 cm)
Length of rectangle 22 inches (56cm)

Width of rectangle 33,46 inches (85 cm)
Length of rectangle 26,77 inches (68 cm)

Width of rectangle 37,40 inches (95 cm)
Length of rectangle 31,88 inches (81 cm)

Width of rectangle 43,30 inches (110 cm)
Length of rectangle 31,88 inches (81 cm)


*This pattern is initially one piece, a rectangle  that we fold in half when finished.
*We sew the sides to form the armholes
*We crochet an increase part at the back bottom
* we crochet an edging along the bottom and top sides
* we crochet edging along the armholes


The foundation chain for this pattern should be a multiple of 5 plus 2 chains.

Chain 132 (157, 177, 212)

The pattern is Side Saddle stitch pattern
You should have the same number of side saddle sts(= the dc4tog clusters) in every row
Row 1:sc in second ch, *ch3, dc4tog in next 4 chains, ch1, sc in next ch* rep from * to *,to the end, turn   26(31, 35, 42)side saddle sts

Row 2:ch5, sc in top of dc4tog cluster( this point is exactly before ch3), *ch3, dc4tog in next ch3 space, ch1, sc in next top point of cluster* rep from * to *,to the end,ending with ch3, dc4tog in last ch3 sp, ch1, dc in last sc of prev row, turn

Row 3:ch1, sk 1 st, sc in top of dc4tog cluster, *ch3, dc4tog in next ch3 space, ch1, sc in next top point of cluster* rep from * to *,to the end,ending with a sc in 3rd ch of initial ch5, turn

Repeat row 2 and 3 untill desired length.
Size Small =work 1-65 rows
Size Medium=work 1-75 rows
Size Large  =work 1-90 rows
Size Medium=work 1-90 rows

Fasten off, weave in ends.

Pattern tip: rows 2 and 3 are similar , the only difference is on how we start and how we end each row.
So on  one row we are beginning by chaining 5 and we end the same row by working a dc in last st.
On the second row we are beginning by chaining 1 and we end the row by working a sc 


Fold the piece in half so that the length is folded and sew the sides as in my sketch.

Sew up until armhole point so that you leave unsewn an opening

Sizes Small and medium: 15,74 inches ( 40 cm)  total perimeter for armhole opening at each side.
Sizes Large, XLarge: 18,50 inches(47 cm) total perimeter for armhole opening at each side

Fasten off , weave in ends.


After sewing. find the width  side where we worked our last row for the rectangle. Measure and mark the  middle point of this side and put 2 markers equally spaced from center to the left and to the right so you have a space of
Size Small:14,96 inches (37 cm)
Size Medium:15,74 inches (40 cm)
Size Large:17,70 inches (45 cm)
Size XLarge:18,89 inches (48 cm)

Attach yarn in the first marker to the right and start working the same side saddle st pattern till you reach the other marker to the left, turn.

Work for
Size Small: 12 rows(12 clusters in every row)
Size Medium:15 rows(15 clusters in every row)
Size Large:17 rows (17 clusters in every row)

Size XLarge:17 rows(18 clusters in every row)

Fasten off, weave in ends


Join yarn ( same yarn as in body)with a sl st  to left front piece at the bottom edge of the extension part and begin crocheting  with the outside facing you.We are going to work dc all along the left side , until back neckline and along the right side.

Now we are going to crochet down the side of our previous  work. We will put a marker in back center neckline, so we can equally work the number of dc

For the fisrt row we will work for
Size Small: 196 dc
Size Medium: 245 dc
Size Large: 273 dc
Size XLarge: 273 dc

You are going to be working  half the number of dc until the center back neckline and the other half until the end of right side.

Row 1:ch3,  dc 195 (244, 272, 272), from the starting point , the bottom left edge to the right bottom edge point, turn
Row 2: ch3, dc in second st, dc to the end of row, turn
Row 3: rep row 2
Row 4: ch4, sk next second st, dc in next st, *ch1, sk next st, dc in next st* rep from * to * to the end of row, turn
Repeat rows 1-4   3 times more , then repeat rows 1-3

Fasten off, weave in ends.

If you want to add some other color edging , work as I did a final row of sc in a beige color
Row 1: ch1, sc in fisrt st, sc in every st across to end of row.
Fasten off , weave in ends.

End of tutorial

I will be happy to read your comments, regards Mary!

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