Romantic Crochet Scarf! Easy beginners project!

Hi my friends! Its winter time, time to crochet accessories for our outfits!

This is a scarf very easy to make , ideal to be your first crochet scarf!
The stitch is the easiest you will ever come across and grows quickly! It is basically just a repeat of the same row.

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1 skein of Stylecraft Special Aran

196m (214yds)

tapestry needle

Scrap yarns ( about 20m/21yards) in any colours you love,  pink, red , burgundy , to make 2 big and 4 small flowers
Crochet hook
9mm (M/13)) for the scarf and curly fringes
4,5mm (7) for the flowers

Finished dimensions
Pattern in women size
Length 180cm (70,86 inches) or desired length
Width 26 cm (10,23 inches)

Sl st=slip stitch
Sc=single crochet

Other sizes
3-6 years=ch 17 , width 15cm (5,90 inches), length 80cm(31,49 inches)
6-10  years=ch 19 , width 17cm (6,69 inches  inches), length 100cm(39,37 inches)
11-15 years=ch 21 , width 20cm (7,87 inches  inches), length 120cm(47,24 inches

**For this stitch pattern we need an even number of stitches but since we start making a first row of single crochet stitches we will work an odd number of chains. Starting our work we are inserting our hook in 2nd chain from our hook,  we will end up creating an even number of sc and we are then ok with out stitch pattern rule, I hope I am clear saying this. 

Ch 23 very loosely (or make a FSC row working an even number of sc)

Row 1: insert your hook in 2nd ch from hook and work  a sc, sc across in every st till the end of row(22  sc). turn
Row 2: Ch 3, sk the very first sc, skip the 2nd sc and sl st in 3rd sc . * *ch 3, skip next sc, sl st in next sc*
Rep from * to * till the end( you end up with a sl st in last sc of the row, (be careful , you will sl st , not in  the ch1 st but in  the last sc st)  ( 10 ch3 sps)

 Row 3:* Ch 3, sl st in first ch3 sp of prev row, * rep from * to *,( noteyou will sl st in every ch3 sp till the last ch3 sp, so you will have again 10 ch3 sps)
Rep row 3 to desired  length, you will  have 10 ch3 sps in every row

Note:you end up with a row of sc as in the beginning

Last  row:Ch2(=sc), 2 sc in first ch3 sp, * 2 sc in next ch3 sp , rep from * till the end, sc in 2nd ch of initial ch3, (22 sc in total , as in row 1


With the same olive colour yarn
And  9mm hook , ch 25

Row 1: insert your hook in 3rd ch from hook and dc 3 times in same st, * dc 3 times in every st till the end of row ,
Fasten off, leave about  six inches of yarn to to fasten to scarf.
Fasten 3 to each end of scarf,.

I crocheted 6 curly fringes  and I put 3 in every edge of scarf. You can change the size of your spirals and ch 18 for a shorter or 29 for a longer spiral, use your imagination and have fun!

Make 2 pink , 2 burgundy colour.

Make a magic ring,
Row 1:Work,* ch2, 2dc in ring, ch2, sl st in ring*, rep from * to * 5 times more
Fasten off, leave a tail of yarn to attach the flower, with a simple knot to the scarf.

Note: instead of magic ring, you can work= ch3, make a sl st in 1st ch you crocheted and join the 2 edges, then work row 1.


Make 2 in fuschia
Row 1: 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook(6)
Continue for the second row without joining
Row 2: 2 sc in each sc(12), join with a sl st in 1st st
Row 3: ch2, sk next st,* sc in next st, sk next st, ch2,* rep from * to * 5 more times, sl st in 2nd ch of initial ch2( 6 ch 2 sps
Row 4: work ( sl st, ch2, 3dc, ch2, sl st) all into each of ch2 sps around, join with a sl st in 1st ch of initial ch2.
Fasten off , leave a tail of yarn to attach the flower to the scarf.


Make 4 tassels

Take a book or a cardboard which is 18 cm (7 inches) long and wrap the yarn around the cardboard 20 times

Sneak a piece of yarn under the front section of yarns, tie a tight double knot, the knot will pull the yarns close together.
 Cut the bottom yarns close to the edge of cardboard.

Remove the cardboard, cut a piece of yarn equaling 12 inches, place it under the tassel.
Wrap the piece of yarn around the tassel, choose to place it near the knot , tie a double knot so it forms a small ball.
 Trim the ends to make them even.
Give it a good haircut.
Here is the finished tassel.

Attach 2 tassels in each end of scarf.

Thank you for supporting my small corner of crochet and knitting projects
I really love to communicate with you in You Tube or in facebook and other social media!
I wish you are going to love your scarf!!
Its Mary from Greece with love!

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