Nordic Scarf, a Men's Scarf - Easy Knitting Pattern

I spent my long summer holidays  in a small apartment by the sea with my parents, my
 sister and both of my grandmothers. 

 I was one of those kids who was sitting by the constantly crocheting grandmothers and eventually I learned how to crochet. I suppose that even then I loved it as it made me feel relaxed and till today there really is nothing as blissful to me as a cosy indoor nook, and a lapful of yarn.

I had in mind working on a scarf for my husband a long time ago as I have never made anything for him. I believe that it's an easy pattern and I hope you will find it a great idea for a gift for the men in your life!

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Materials needed
Needles  -US size 10,5 (7 mm)
Yarn:  I used: 2 skeins of
100% premium acrylic
196m (214yds)
Read Heart Soft is a very good choice as well

14  sts x 20 rows =3,93” x 3,93” (10x10cm) square

Measurements of finished scarf
12.2 inches (31cm) width
63 inches (160cm) length

Abbreviations in US terms:
CO: cast on
K: knit
Yo: yarn over
Bo= bind off
RS=right side
WS=wrong side

*This pattern creates a right side and a wrong side, slightly different.  The 2 sides are very similar so in a way it’s almost a reversible scarf.

Right Side
Wrong Side
-the basic pattern requires a multiple of  4+2 sts,
-I added 8 sts more in this multiple.
- 4 sts at the beginning and 4 sts at the end of the row to create a border of Garter stitch. This is optional, you may skip this or follow it. To match this side border, I started my scarf knitting in Garter st for 10 rows, to create a border and I finished the scarf knitting 10 rows in garter stitch as well, so a border goes all around the scarf. Again, you may follow this or not. 


CO 50 sts ( 42 sts for the basic pattern and 4+4 sts for the border)
If you want a less wide scarf, CO 46 or 42
If you want a more wide scarf CO 54 or 58

Row 1: Knit all sts
Repeat row 1 for 9 more rows

Note : the pattern is a 4 rows repeat
Note: I slip the first st of every row, purlwise to create a tidy edge( with the yarn in front , slip the first st without knitting it, put the yarn to the back and continue knitting the next st)

Row 11:  Knit all sts
Row 12: K4, purl all sts until you have 4 sts left, K4
Row 13: K4, *K2, P2*, repeat until you have 6 sts left, K2, K4
Row 14: K4, *P2, K2*, repeat until you have 6 sts left, P2, K4

Repeat rows 11-14 until desired length, a scarf 62 inches( 160cm) or  67 inches (170cm) is long enough
Next row: Knit all sts
Repeat this row for 9 more rows

Last row: bind off all sts

Fasten off, weave in all ends.

Thank you all from my heart for your support watching my videos and following me on my blog !


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