The Bordeaux Cardigan! c2c easy pattern!

Grab your yarn and needles and lets knit a c2c cardigan! There are not that many complex techniques required to make this cardigan.
For a long time my daughter has been asking me to knit a warm comfy cardigan and so I did!

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Materials needed
-US size 10  (6 mm) needles
You will need worsted weight yarn approximately :
Small- 1250yds, Medium-1350yds, Large -1400yds
I used:
102m (112 yards)

Skill level: intermediate
The pattern is a corner to corner knitting pattern and it is a traditional age-old method, still popular today, perhaps because it is so easy. Gauge is not important as you can knit until you get the measurements needed for your size.

Sizes: Adults:  Small, Medium, Large

Abbreviations in US terms:
CO: cast on
K: knit
Yo: yarn over
Bo= bind off
RS=right side
WS=wrong side
K2tog: knit 2 stitches together(* see st explanation below)
KFB=knit front and back (* see st explanation below)

                     FINISHED    MEASUREMENTS
All pieces are rectangles , see in chart below the measurements of every size
16.92” (43cm)
8.26” (21cm)
13.38” (34cm)
18.11” (46cm)
18.11”(46cm) length
18.50” (47cm
9” (23cm)
14.90” (38cm)
18.89” (48cm)
9.44”(24cm)width and 18.11”(46cm) length
21.75” (55 cm)
10.62” (27cm)
16.53” (42cm)
19.68” (50cm)
9.44”(24cm)width and 18.11”(46cm) length


-This pattern consists of  6 rectangle pieces: 1 back piece, 2 fronts, 2 sleeves, the cowl, the cuffs and the button band.

-We knit the back piece, the 2 fronts ,the sleeves and the collar.
-We sew the shoulders seam
-We sew the side seams from bottom up to a point so you leave an armhole opening.
-We fold the sleeves and pin the entire underarm seam.
-We sew the sleeves to the body(  to the armhole opening we left unsewn)
-We knit the button band in both front pieces
-We sew the collar to the neckline

KFB: work into the front and back of the next stitch: knit into the stitch and before slipping it off the left needle, twist the right needle behind the left and knit the same stitch again through the back loop. Slide the original stitch off the left needle -- there are now 2 stitches on the right needle made from the original one.

K2tog: K2tog= insert the right needle into two sts at the same time and knit


Note: you start casting on 3 sts and then you increase 2 stitches in each wrong  row.

Work this pattern once for the back piece, once for each one of the 2 front pieces, once for each one of the 2 sleeves and once for the cowl.

CO 3 sts
Row 1 (WS):KFB,P1,KFB (5 sts)
Row 2 (RS):K all sts (5 sts)
Row 3 (WS): KFB,P3,KFB (7 sts)
Row 4 (RS): P all sts (7 sts)
Row 5 WS): KFB, P all sts, KFB (9 sts)
Row 6 (RS):K all sts (9 sts)
Row 7 (WS): KFB, P all sts, KFB (11 sts)
Row 8 (RS): P all sts (11 sts)
Rep rows 5-8 for as many rows you need to obtain the width for the piece of your preferred size.
You will see beautiful ridges created in the right side of your garment.

Once you have worked the number of increase rows you want, for the width of your desired back piece, you will need to start decreasing along one side so as not to make your project any wider and to start creating a flat edge. You keep increasing in the other edge only, so you increase only the length of your piece.
At this point in next wrong side row work as follows
Next row A (WS)(decrease along one side) : KFB, P all sts till last 2 sts, K2tog (you have decreased 1 st and started creating a flat side now)
Row B (RS):K all sts
Row C (WS): KFB, P all sts till last 2 sts, K2tog
Row D (RS): P all sts
Rep rows A-D for as many rows you need to obtain the length of  the piece of your preferred size.

*you can see in this photo the right flat side created by the decreases, the left side is still increasing getting longer.

When you have reached the desired length, then you should start decreasing in both sides, in the wrong side rows as always. This way you will create flat edges in both sides and finish creating the rectangle.
At this point in next wrong side row work as follows
Next row E (WS)(decrease along 2 side edges) : K2tog( in first 2 sts), P all sts till last 2 sts, K2tog (you have decreased 1 st at the beginning and 1 st at the end of the row)

Row F (RS):K all sts
Row G (WS): K2tog, P all sts till last 2 sts, K2tog
Row H (RS): P all sts
Rep rows E-H until you have 4 sts,
Next row: K2tog, K2tog (2 sts)
Next last row: bind off

Fasten off , weave in all ends.
Repeat this pattern until you have knitted all basic pieces of the cardigan and you are ready to sew them.


SEW  shoulders
Place back piece flat on a table and place front parts on to the back, right sides facing you.
Starting (shoulders) at the outside, sew fronts to back, leaving unsewn a space for neck line:
aprox. 4.50”(12cm) to the back neck line
and aprox. 4.40”(12cm) in each front neckline
So in total for all sizes, leave unsewn :  17.32”-18.89” (44cm-48cm)
Fasten off.

SEW UP   the sides until bottom of armholes. Start sewing from cardigan”s  bottom,  up to a point so that you leave unsewn a part for armholes as indicated in chart below, This space matches with the sleeve width.
6.69” (17cm)
7.48” (19cm)
8.26” (21cm)
16.53” (42cm)

Fold the sleeves in half lengthways and sew the entire underarm seam.
Then place the midway point of sleeves on to the shoulder seam, right side facing you, pin in place and sew together.

Knit the sleeves cuffs (make 2)
Note:You will knit a rectangle flat piece with garter stitch.

Cast on for:
Size Small:  30 sts,
Size Medium: 34 sts
Size Large : 36 sts

Row 1 :K all sts

Rep row 1 until your cuff measures 6.30”(16cm) long
Fold the cuff in half lengthwise and sew the side edges together so a round cuff is created.
 Fold the cuff in half widthwise so it is double and so its heavier, and sew it on to the sleeve edge, stretching the cuff so it matches to the widest sleeve body. This way the sleeve will fit nicely at your wrist.
Fasten off, weave in ends.

3 Knit the buttonband( with garter stitch)

A:Button band pattern( RIGHT front part)

Pick up 84  sts for  the right front piece to work the non buttonhole side.Start from the top down:

Row 1: Pick up  84 sts all along the edge
Row 2 :K all sts
Row 2: Knit all sts
Row 3 : Knit all sts 
Row 4 :Knit all sts
Row 5: Knit all sts 
Row 6 :  bind off all sts

Note the total number of sts picked up, you want to make the other side the same

B:Button band pattern( LEFT front part –button holes)

Buttonhole pattern description.
You can make the easiest buttonhole:  YO, K2tog( in next 2 sts)
Its simple and creates a rather normal buttonhole

Pick up sts  84 stsfor  the left front piece, to work the button holes side. Start from the bottom –up.

I suggest that you put 6 buttons, place  the top and bottom buttons  half inch from the edges
 divide the remaining space into five sections and mark the remaining 4 buttonholes

Row 1: Pick up 84  sts, (the same as  in the right front piece)
Row 2: K all sts
Row 3:*Knit the sts until you reach at a marker,YO, K2tog *, rep from * to * and make the button holes in marked points as described in pattern above.
Row 4 :Knit all sts( you also knit the yo”s )
Row 5: Knit all sts 
Row 6 :  bind off all sts
Fasten off , weave in all ends.
4   Sew on the buttons
Sew on buttons on right front edge.

5   Sew on the collar to the neckline
Fold the collar in half widthwise and pin in to the back neckline center. 
Seam evenly to the edge front points of the neckline using your preferred sewing method.


Thank you for your patience and I wish you happy knitting!
I want to thank you from my heart for supporting my small corner ! 
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