The perfect Beginners Crochet Hat! Free pattern!

Frost and snow are in the air so this hat would make a great gift!
I am really glad to share with you my chunky simple crochet hat pattern!
Here is my daughter Christina playing in the garden with Cara.It is easy to workup and will keep you warm and cozy all winter long! 

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Skill level easy


-130 yds of any bulky yarn 
- tapestry needle 

I used 2 skeins of  Nako spaghetti effect 

Crochet hook
9mm (M/13)

Finished dimensions
Height 32cm (12,50 inches)
Width 52cm (20,50 inches) all around

Note: There is not a certain multiple that you need for this pattern, so you can chain any number of chains you want.
The initial chain is the length of the hat, so if you measure from right above your eyes till the top of your head and add 2-3 cm , that is your hat height.
We are crocheting a rectangle shape and we can make it, as wide we want.
 You can stop crocheting when the rectangle is about 48 cm, try it on your head, after making a quick big stitches sewing and so we will be sure where to stop.

Abbreviations in US terms

Sl st=slip stitch

Note: this hat is worked in rows, with sl sts in back loops. To find the right st where you will insert your hook , you have to turn the edge of the crochet item towards you, as in photo below and find the sl sts of prev row , they are a little bit lower of the edge and they are glued next to other similar sts.

Chain 36

Row 1: insert your hook in 2nd ch from hook and make a sl st, sl st in every ch across till the end( 35 sl sts)

Row 2: Ch 1, sl st in every st of prev row inserting your hook in back loops only of the sl sts of prev row (35 sl sts)
Repeat row 2 till you reach 50 cm wide
Note: you should be careful at the beginning of  the row. Insert your hook in the 1 sl st and not in the ch1 you have just made…and at the end of the row, make sure you make your last 35th sl st in the last sl st of prev row, it’s a little bit hidden this last st, so please count all sl sts in your first rows and make sure they are the same in every row, that will keep your  edges equal.
The pattern gives a very dense texture, pull it to open and see the ribbing. That will happen when you wear it and opens wide.


Fold in half.
Sew the two sides of 32cm, together with a tapestry needle, then sew the top of the hat, see photo below and pull the yarn to close the hole but not entirely. Leave it open for 2cm, so you insert there the pompom.

Fasten off , weave in all ends.


Take the yarn and fold it in 16cm pieces 20 times as in photo.
With a piece of yarn, tie it in the middle, then cut the edges from both sides, see photo
Fold it in two so you have a pompom in your hand and make a wrapping around the base of pompom see photo. Then sew it in top of hat.

That’s it!!! I hope you love it and find it easy and cozy to wear.
You can easily make it for children size, measuring the height you want.

Happy crocheting !!

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