Art Calendar 2019! Blending ancient Greek ruin with the contemporary one.

Christmas is nearly here and I will take you on a journey through 12 months of 2019 Limited Edition Art Calendar of Futures Past Studio

FUTURES PAST is co-founded by Christina, my daughter, architect and Anastasis, visual artist. Christina studied architectute at the  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece and Anastasis studied painting at the Fine Arts School of the Aristotle University. His work has been awarded and featured in some amazing places.
They are couple both in life and in art.

You can find the calendar on their Etsy shop , if you want to purchase this art calendar , to bring a little of light greek blue in your life , use code MARY20 to get it with a 20% discount.

Visit FuturesPastStudio website to see the rest of the Art Print Editions as well as the original paintings .
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Blue is the dominating colour in this Limited Edition Calendar, blue as the magnificent Athenian sky. Archival pigment print on fine art paper with a special hand-painted cardboard cover.

Traveling in Greece, talking with people, walking along the streets of Athens, photographing streets and walls, Christina and Anastasis observed the substances or materials used in these creations. Some are local and the technique is traditional of a certain place.

This print series is based on narratives related to Greece"s ancient heritage as well as on 
the information of the photographs which  includes a description of both the materials used to create the work and the way in which they were put together by manufacturers.

So they made a vocabulary of signs and a sort of writing with references in ancient Greek writings as Linear B.These signs  are elements of nature , water , sea, clear  sky and the blending is not random ....the future with the past......

Today is walking on the past ....with their hand they painted today on the past-old streetS .
In every month we can see a different surface

January ....a stroll in Athens , the street surface is covered with tiles for the blind ....its time to get organized!

February ....walking on an asphalt street 

March, a stone pavement....

March a stone walll...
April a marble path ....maybe this one that leads up the Acropolis hill....
May a patinated sidewalk and its raining!

Summer! It makes you feel joy!

June ....walking around Plaka neighborhood, the oldest quarter of Athens.

August ...walking on a narrow island path....

September ....a marble wall and its raining.....

October ...a mosaique old floor. 

December! The festive month of the year!

The cardboard cover is hand-painted in each calendar of this 200 pieces edition

I wish you all have a great festive time until Christmas, filled with amazing things to do!
Get in spirit with this calendar!

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