Free beginner Crochet Cardigan!

Beige is not a dull color, it is the color of the sand in the desert and  it is hot as this sand, hot as the stones on a summer day! For me it is one of the most elegant colors to wear!

This crochet pattern is made using half double crochet stitches.
The pattern starts with an initial chain which is the length of both front and  half back piece, so we are crocheting sideways. You will crochet  2 similar  pieces for the body.
Then you fold these 2 pieces in hald and sew the side seams.
You attach yarn at the bottom point of the armholes to crochet the sleeves , so no sewing for sleeves.

Christina my daughter patiently tries on the halfworked cardigan!
It is  not so easy to make it fit well, it takes time and love!

You can watch my video tutorial  for this cardigan The Sahara Cardigan here

You can visit my Etsy shop for this Sahara Cardigan ads free pattern 

Schachenmayr Catania 

You only need to know the basics on crochet to do this outfit.

Watch my you tube video for a full tutorial of Sahara Cardigan

Have a nice summer!

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